2013: Remi De Roo: Communal discernment

This is a quote from Bishop Remi De Roo, Vatican II Council Father, disciple of Cardijn, and bishop of Victoria, Canada.

The synodal church, however, “was fulfilling Vatican II’s major orientations: one, returning to our roots; two, through aggiornamento – embracing appropriate adaptations; and three, allowing the church to continue to grow and unfold in history – particularly through the celebration of the Eucharist and the service to humankind.”

Said De Roo, “I went beyond what you read in canon law – that these auxiliary bodies are merely consultative. Until I retired I used them as policy formation bodies – I see us all together in the process of reaching decisions by communal discernment: [Belgian Cardinal Joseph] Cardijn’s Catholic worker movement – ‘see, judge, act.’”


Remi De Roo – An unflagging apostle for and of the Second Vatican Council (National Catholic Reporter) (Joseph Cardijn Digital Library)