1911: Victoire Cappe: Facts, principles, solutions

Victoire Cappe was a young woman from Liège, Belgium, who founded a trade for young girl and women textile workers known as the Syndicat de l’Aiguille (Needleworkers’ Union).

She studied sociology with Victor Brants at the University of Louvain and she learned the Sillon methods of democratic education from the Sillon team based at Liège.

In 1911, she published an article Le salaire féminin (The female salary) which she divided into three parts: Les faits (facts), les principes (principles), les rémèdes (solutions).

Some time later, she met the young priest Joseph Cardijn as he began his work at the parish of Notre Dame at Laeken near Brussels.

Together they began to organise young girl workers into a movement that became the Jeunesse Ouvrière Chrétienne (JOC) or Young Christian Workers (YCW).